It was a fine Wednesday evening, I was looking forward to a home-cooked meal with my mother. However, before the night approached she had to go through the daily ritual of getting groceries from the market. The ritual implies going to the farmer’s market, choosing fresh vegetables from a pile of stock, and then bargaining. Which can give even veterans a headache. After the rigorous ritual, it was almost unfair of me to ask her to cook the meal. …

User Objective

Passenger: To get a share ride to their destination which will take lesser time, cheap but safe and convenient.

Rider: to share his vacant car seat with a passenger who is traveling in the same direction, which will help him to save some money and also helps in saving the environment.

User Persona and Scenario

For the better understanding of our target audience, I designed 3 different user personas for passenger and one for the rider. For this, I took help from my friends and colleagues. Rohan represented my primary use case.

Business Objective

To know the customer, to gain their trust, and to sell more effectively to them.

User Objective

To explore the app/website without any restrictions and based on my personal preferences.

Problem Statement

As a service provider I need customer’s personal information like age, gender, date of birth, location to provide them personalised experience. But users don’t feel secure or confident while providing their personal information because that is obviously personal and they step out from the app/website. How can we get the personal information from our users to provide them personalised experience.

User Persona

Alok Mittal
Age 28
Lives in Delhi (Tier 1)
Loves video games and online…

Sometimes when we are working on a project, we deeply involve ourselves in it and assume that our user will use it as we think and the product will be perfect for them. But do you know your actual user?

Last year I got a project to be designed for kids. I had to design a platform where kids from age group 4–8 years can publish stories and read stories published by other little writers. I was very excited, because it was the first time where I got a chance to work for a completely different age group.

The reason…

Alfa -Social Trading App

About the App

Alfa is a social trading app where you can invest in shares with trust and confidence by following and subscribing investors and friends. It is a platform where beginners can even earn profit by mimicking the portfolio of other investors who are in high profit.
Note: Alfa doesn’t share your actual dollar values with other investors.

User Goal

To minimize the risk of loss in stock investment and to get stock trading tips from country’s best traders and friends.

Business Objective

To attract as many investors as possible on the platform by solving their stock trading problems and to gain revenue from subscription plans…

Psychological reasons to avoid common mistakes in your design

Whether you’re designing a Web site or a medical device — or something somewhere in between, your audience is comprised of the people who will benefit from that design.

And the totality of your audience’s experience is profoundly impacted by what you know, or don’t know, about them.

1) Avoid blinking or any other movement from your application or website design.

As with all areas of expertise, it can be a challenge to sell User Experience (UX) design to clients. It’s a good idea to be very clear on the benefits of UX to help you overcome this challenge.

What are the Benefits of UX to a client?

UX design and user-centered design (UCD) cost money. There’s no getting around that, which means there are still plenty of organizations out there that will resist a UX design or UCD approach as part of their development methodology. After all, finances are rarely unlimited and companies are competing in a cutthroat global marketplace.

This means both UX consultants (operating outside of a…

Where rent is a pleasure

About the App

Beehive is an app that helps you in finding out products and services on rent on fare price. If you dont find it worth then you can also raise a dispute against the product owner or service provider. And it also helps product owner & service provider to grow their business & get fair price for their service or product without any bargain.

So, In simple words in BeeHive you can buy and sell products or services.

My Role

I follow the design process of BeeHive across mobile devices (ios and android). I partner with Project Lead (Pritika Tuteja) to gather competitive…

Alok Mittal

User Experience Designer

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