UX Case Study of how I made The Home loan application process easier.

Last year I was looking for a house for me and my family. After some time I realised that there is something which I need to look for and which is most necessary to buy a house…

What is MMB

MMB is My Magic Box a dashboard for Agents from where they can manage their Leads, properties, messages, post property, and profile.

How it all started

In 2019 we conducted User research and usability testing for the entire Magicbricks site. …

Going away from home and staying in a new city, adjusting with its environment, its people, its culture and of course to meet new people and making new friends, is something every student or working professional is wary of.

User Objective (Tenant)

  1. To find the best affordable PG room.
  2. Protect your number from…

The ultimate destination for all your property-related needs.

Everyone knows about Magicbricks, The platform is among the top choices of most users due to the large volume of listed properties and leads, and the trust from having been in the industry for many years.

Problem Statement

Users are not aware of all…

Save time and money by selling/purchasing old books


People buy book(s) which might not be of much use to them once they have read the book(s). But, there might be another person who would wish to read the same book(s).

Duration of the task

4 Weeks

Problem Statement

People buy book(s) which might not be of…

Business Objective

To know the customer, to gain their trust, and to sell more effectively to them.

User Objective

To explore the app/website without any restrictions and based on my personal preferences.

Problem Statement

As a service provider I need customer’s personal information like age, gender, date of birth, location to provide them personalised experience. But…

Alok Mittal

User Experience Designer

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