E-commerce App - UX case study

Where rent is a pleasure

About the App

My Role

The Approach

  1. Partner with Project Lead to plan and define the Mobile experience.
  2. Design user flows, wireframes, detailed designs and prototypes.
  3. Conduct meeting throughout the design process with stakeholders and the team.
  4. Iterate designs based on feedbacks gathered during meetings.
  5. Work closely with the developers to deliver solutions and resources for final production.

Industry Research

User Persona

Insights from the research

Problems for Buyers

  1. It is difficult for buyers to buy nearby products and services on rent.
  2. They are not able to compare the products and services available nearby.
  3. Hesitate to buy products on rent from unknown seller to avoid the risk of receiving damaged product.
  4. It is difficult to trust unknown service provider.
  5. They want to save time and money.

Problems for Sellers

  1. They don’t have proper earning because of less number of customers they have.
  2. They want to grow their business but can’t afford publicity.
  3. Customers return damaged products.
  4. It is difficult to manage multiple bookings. Because they are not following any schedule.

Content Structure

Mind Map


Detailed Designs and Prototyping

Home Screen

Home Screen

Product Listing & Product Details

Product Listing & Details

Product Availability Calendar

Calendar View

Service Availability Calendar

Service Availability Calendar

Product Booking

Product Booking

Product Booking Request Confirmation


My Ads

My Posted Ads

All Done!



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