How we can make your stock investment easier - UX case study

Alfa -Social Trading App

About the App

User Goal

Business Objective

My Role

The Approach

  1. Design user flows, wireframes, detailed designs and prototypes.
  2. Conduct meeting throughout the design process with stakeholders and the team.
  3. Iterate designs based on feedbacks gathered during meetings.
  4. Work closely with the developers to deliver solutions and resources for final production.

Competitor Research

Affinity Mapping

Affinity Mapping

User Persona

User Persona 1
User Persona 2

Insights from the research

Pain Points

  1. High risk of loss.
  2. It is difficult to invest for newcomers without knowledge.
  3. Earlier it was done via telephonic calls.

Finding a solution for investors

User Story Mapping

Information Architecture

Wireframes & Iterations

Detailed Designs and Prototyping


Home Screen

My Client wanted to have a light color theme. I designed it in both light and dark theme and explained the reason why stocks trading displays are always in black background everywhere. Investors just care about profit and loss which are denoted by green and red in stock trading. So when we use these colors with black background it becomes easier for the investors to recognize easily which stock is in profit and which is in loss. Read the article for more information

But, You should avoid using white text on a dark background

Buy Stocks

Buy Stocks

To buy a stock a user has to fill the number of stocks then select type of order and after that its validity. So easy to use and minimize the confusion and cognitive load we divided the task in 2 steps. In first step we just ask for number of stock he wants to buy. When he types we display the total amount at top of the screen. After that when user taps on next button we displays the other 2 option . We used slider instead of text field to make it limit or stop order to make it easy for use. We made “Good till cancelled” as a default selection so that user doesn't get confused what to do here.



It’s the most important part of the app where you can view the positions of other investors. As you can see Joncasey has Rank 1 and is in high profit, now you can follow her or mimic her to minimize the chances of loss and can get suggestions from her.

My Positions

We used a pie chart to display the stocks held by the user. When a user taps on a specific part of pie chart, it displays the information of that stocks.

Activity Feeds

A user a can follow and subscribe other investors and can view their activities. We wanted to add a feature to praise someone’s activity just like “like” feature on facebook. So we introduced “Fist Bump” to make it slightly casual and strong.

Landing Page Link

All Done!

Let me know what you think! Bye!

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