Difference between Functional and Usable Products UX Case Study

Sometimes when we are working on a project, we deeply involve ourselves in it and assume that our user will use it as we think and the product will be perfect for them. But do you know your actual user?

Last year I got a project to be designed for kids. I had to design a platform where kids from age group 4–8 years can publish stories and read stories published by other little writers. I was very excited, because it was the first time where I got a chance to work for a completely different age group.

The reason behind mentioning “Different Age Group” is that the difference of kid’s understanding level, knowledge, color preferences, language and maturity level. I had a chance to work on these parameters and to understand them. For this I had to step into the kid’s shoes. So let’s start from the wireframe stage.


Publish Story Flow(Wireframing)


Problem I realized

Here the questions are-

When these questions arose, I had to change the design. Let’s have a look at the second version..

I tried to solve the problem in version 2

So, To simplify the task I put the mail option at the bottom. Now little writer will have only 2 prior options to choose, either share it publicly or share via link. But, still I wasn’t sure that this task can be performed by 4 year old kid without any hesitation or confusion.

Let’s try version 3

So, again I tried another option where I gave all the priority to “Publish Publicly” option.The reason behind prioritizing “Publish Publicly” option is to make the platform more strong with the content shared by little writers. Publicly published stories will help the platform to attract more users.

Changes were
1) I changed the label from “World” to “Shout Out” with sub label- share it with everyone.
2) Changed the button label from “Done” to “Publish Now” to encourage kids to publish it directly and to guide them what to do in this step.
3) Below the button I put a text to inform the little writers that they can also change the publish option anytime.

Version 4 solved the problem finally

What I did to solve that?

I changed the icons and simplified the headings to make to easier for little writers to understand their meaning.

If you think this solution was easy to do for me then fyi, we have to follow a written contract signed by the client. Minor changes in the design can lead to legal consequences. I know the changes I made in the flow was beneficial for the product, but to do that I took approval from all the stakeholders.

Because my job is not to finish the work but to create a product which is useful for my user. This is nowhere perfect but I feel with its unique approach, this idea can help you to be productive.

Let me know what you think! Bye!

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