Online Vegetables & Fruit Delivery App — UX case study

It was a fine Wednesday evening, I was looking forward to a home-cooked meal with my mother. However, before the night approached she had to go through the daily ritual of getting groceries from the market. The ritual implies going to the farmer’s market, choosing fresh vegetables from a pile of stock, and then bargaining. Which can give even veterans a headache. After the rigorous ritual, it was almost unfair of me to ask her to cook the meal. But being a UX professional, I also wanted to know if I can solve her problem and million other mothers across India.

So, I paired up with Pritika to find the right problem.
We tried to find that, are these problems common with other buyers? So, we research the audience to find out the problem they are facing day by day. The results we found were very realistic & differ from person to person.

User Journey

Find the Problems

Insights from the research

  1. Most sabziwalas have their category fixed: a fruit seller is always a fruitwala. Specific vendors for potato & onions. Some have all fruits and vegetables but in small quantities.
  2. Sabziwalas(vegetable sellers) help each other when they are out of stock of a specific vegetable/fruit.
  3. Fruits & vegetables are freshest in the morning.
  4. Most cart vendors have varied spots in a day where they sell.
  5. Most sabziwalas(vegetable sellers) are functionally literate i.e. they can understand english a little bit. They are good with numbers & images.
  6. Not many people are happy to get up early morning to go to buy vegetables.
  7. People have favorite sabziwalas(vegetable seller) on whom they trust for quality & have their mobile numbers saved.
  8. A lot of people don't know how to check the freshness of vegetables/fruits.
  9. Storing cash after a hard day’s work is a problem for sabziwalas.

Freshness Vs Sale Graph

Bridging the Gap

Can a Vegetable Seller use an app efficiently?
Do they have smartphones?
Are they aware of the Mobile Internet and its connectivity?
Language problem?

So check these queries we again research on this. So we met vegetable sellers and found out that, Many of them are smartphone users and some of them don't know what’s written in english but they can use the application by learning how to use it. Like they can download music, play music, surf the internet, transfer files from one phone to another, chat, etc.


Taazi Tarkari

  1. Pre-order option to be available for the buyer.
  2. A buyer should be able to give feedback on the number of vegetables.
  3. 5-minute quick catalog creation for sabziwala(vegetable seller).
  4. Give tips to the buyer for checking the freshness of their bought fruit & vegetables.
  5. Give the option to pick up or delivering & charge a negligible amount for delivery.
  6. Try & reduce the cost sabziwala(vegetable seller) bear on transporting vegetables near them.
  7. Give the option to view sabziwalas(vegetable seller) near the buyer’s location

Solution for Vegetable sellers via designs

Home Screen
Order Detail
Day End Sale
Daily Income

Solution for Buyers

Map View
Day End Sale
Reward Points

Challenges Faced

  1. Their business works on daily base sales and they need cash to purchase the vegetable every day. For that, we need to open some outlet from where they can take out cash from their App Wallet.

We created a prototype from the designs and tested them with users(Sellers and Buyers). The feedbacks we received were highly positive. Users also suggested some add ons in the application. Right now I am working on these suggestions.

We start neglecting the problem we face in our daily life or we compromise with them. But it feels good when we try to design something to solve those problems.

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